Accepting of General Terms and Conditions is a mandatory requirement for the creation of buyer-seller relationship irrespective of the product he/she will buy in future, every user has to accept General Terms and Conditions on creating an account on our website so that a user will able to proceed further

1) Creation of New Account (For 1st time/fresh user)

a. A user is required to create an account on the website so he/she will be able to buy a product in the future. A verification link shall be sent to user’s email verifying credentials and after verifying the same, an account will be created and the user will allow proceeding further

2) Account and Login information

a. A user is required not to disclose login information i.e. User Name, password and email or any other information due to security reasons.

b. A user is required to login from original IP address and avoids using proxy servers or software to hide system IP or to create scam accounts on the website, as it will create ambiguity and account shall be suspended without any further intimation

c. A user is required to create only one account at a time as multiple accounts from the same IP may create ambiguity

3) Product Buying

a. A user is required to review the price of the product very carefully before making payment

b. A user is required to select the quantity of order for a product according to one’s need and keeping in view one’s financial budget as once an order is placed, it will not be refunded except unavoidable extreme circumstances

c. A user is required to avoid to buy a product for the same video/link from multiple buyers on different websites.

d. A user is required carefully review the order link before submitting an order and make sure he/she has submitted an accurate link for the post which is required to be viral on social media, as once an order is submitted, it will not be changed

4) Payments

a. A user is required to make payments from only those payment channels which our website is accepting.

b. We don’t accept payments in cash or other remittance systems like western union etc., so a user is required not to submit a request to do this

c. A user is required to make payment 100% in advance. We are not offering any credit facilities

d. A user is required to make payment by logging in on original IP address and avoid using any proxy software as it will create ambiguity

e. A user is required to get knowledge from one’s bank/ payment channel that one’s account is authorized to make payments worldwide and eligible for e-shopping and if not, a user is required to contact first from one’s bank and get the said facility and then make attempt to make payment

f. A user is required to read out terms and conditions of one’s bank/payment channel carefully before making payment

g. A user is required to get a comprehensive knowledge to make payment for online shopping if he is first time making any payment for online shopping

h. If a user is maintaining a bank account by which one is making payment is other than in USD currency, then a user is required to check bank’s treasury rates very carefully, as once payment is made, It will not be refunded under no circumstances for this reason

i. A user is required to make sure that one’s system browser is updated and supported to payment channel link as if payment got stuck due to this reason, the user will resolve the issue at one’s own end

j. A user is required to use a payment channel which one’s own singly by him/her. A user is required not to make payment through another’s a bank account, credit/debit card or any other channel even of his / her friend or family member.

5) Delivery of Product
a. A user is required to have patience while completing a Turnaround Time (TAT) for a product. TAT for delivery for each product will separately be intimated to the user while a systematic email will be sent to the user for order confirmation

b. The quantity of any product shall be counted from the current number at the time of placement of order.

Illustration for Example
A user is buying 10,000 YouTube views for a video and at time of placement of an order on our website the same video has 1 view, same order will be treated as delivered /completed once views count of the same video reaches to 10,001 views.

6) Social Media Content

a. A user is required to buy the product related to social media campaign on the website only when the content I fully complied with graphical standards and not violating any law, regulation in any sense. (Description of same are separately described in scope limitations chapter)

b. A user is required to keep content in public view so that it will be accessible to other users they would able to view, like accordingly

c. A user should keep in mind that any social media campaign is just to promote one’s content and not for earning money, the website is not offering any monetized views.

7) Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution

a. If the user observes that an order is completed but not meeting criteria as committed by the website, he/she will require submitting a complaint directly to our website instead of payment channel or bank.

b. A user is required to submit only one complaint against a single issue; multiple complaints about a single issue may create duplications and cause of the unnecessary delay.

c. A user is required to keep patience while resolving of a complaint.

d. A user is required to submit a complaint with the same email for which is being used to place an order on the website.

e. A user is required to submit a dispute through payment channel or bank only in such condition if his/her complaint remains un-attended by website management and the user has informed and warned in written to website management 15 business days prior to open a dispute via payment channel and clearly mentioned in the intimation
regarding the opening of a dispute.

8) Issuance of a Refund

a. If an order is on hold due to an issue at website end and website management team has informed to the user regarding the issue, a user can request a refund

b. Once an order is started, it will not be refunded under any circumstances

c. A user can’t submit a request for completed order

d. A user is required to submit a request for a refund only from the same email which has been used for placement of order and mention order id for which one is requiring for a refund.

9) Prices and Discounts

a. Pricing of products and offering of discounts are the sole discretion of website management keeping in view various factors and may be revised time to time without any intimation

b. If a user wants a special discount, he/she will require submitting a request via email for the same, by mentioning order quantity before placement of order. According to order size and user history with the website, management shall decide special discount offer for a specific user one time only. If the user will not buy the product within given
timeline, the offer will expire without any intimation and the user has to buy a product on general price.

c. We deal directly with end buyers and don’t entertain resellers and don’t offer any special discount rates for them

10) Warranties and Claims

a. A user is required to submit a request for a refill if an order get defective directly to website management only

b. Website management is offering 6 months warranty to refill an order and if fails to do so, a refund in full/partial (which will be applicable) shall issue in lieu of same to the user.

c. Social media campaigns of our website are run worldwide to real users and it is not possible to force to real users not too unlike a post, video or content in the future. However, the 6-month warranty is applicable and we will refill the order

Terms and Conditions (Product Wise)
YouTube Views

Guarantees / Warranties of Products:

All of our warranties/guarantees become null and void, no refund or request for a refund will be entertained under the following circumstances
If the content is deleted from social media website either at user end or by social media website due to any reason
If the content violates terms and conditions, the privacy policy of social media website
If any other content on the same channel or page falls in the category that violates any of policy regarding graphical violence and channel is being forcefully closed by social media website
If a user is violating terms and conditions of payment channels, the bank in any sense and his / her account is suspended.
If a user is buying a social media promotional product from multiple websites for same content or in the past one has done the same, in case of any drop or any harmful effect to content, no request for refill or refund will be entertained in this regard
If a user submits a dispute on payment channel/bank without intimating us in written 15 business days prior to do that, the account will be suspended on a permanent basis and no service shall be offered in future, furthermore, warranty claim on previously purchased products by the same buyer will also stand null and void
If a user accesses our website through a proxy server and attempts for a scam or act likely to be a scam Responsibility of Seller

Data Confidentiality
We, being a seller are bound to keep following data of our user confidential and not to share to any
external party unless required by law to do so
Personal Identity Information
Contact Information
Address Information
Health Information
Financial Statements
Any other information that a user has only disclosed to us

Delivery of Product
A seller is bound to deliver a product for which a buyer is being charged.

The answer to user’s query and complaints
Its responsibility of the seller to make a strong complaint resolution team which may handle its user’s query and complaints